Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Congratulations! You are a newly-licensed real estate agent and have signed on with a well-known, quality brokerage. You're even scheduled for some floor time and open house support. Are you feeling a little lost, wondering how to begin marketing your business?

Find a mentor

Take a look around your new office and notice who are the successful agents and what they do to be successful agents. A mentor knows the local market and can provide insight into its challenges and opportunities. Your mentor can offer marketing strategies and tips, and cheer your successes.

    "First, establish a relationship with those you would like to learn from." Find an opportunity to create a win-win: your real estate career isn't all about you. Think of what you can do to help your mentor and your clients.

Develop a Plan

A solid business plan is your GPS for success. It should include realistic goals for marketing, professional development, expenses, and sales. Review your plan weekly and take note of what works and what doesn't work in marketing and client building. Your plan should be pliable, adapting as goals are met and projects fail or succeed.

    Your mentor may be the best resource for helping you develop a realistic business plan.

Know your market

This may seem an obvious, even trite statement. But how can you market your real estate services if you don't know your market?

    Consider becoming a niche specialist. You may discover a real talent for marketing and moving short sale and foreclosure homes, condominiums, or light industrial properties. Look to the underserved areas of your local real estate market and how you can become known as a specialist in that particular property market.

Tech savvy

You don't have to be an IT guru but you should be able to use all current technology with ease. You and your clients need to be able to communicate quickly and easily with each other. More importantly, learn as quickly as possible, how your clients wish to communicate with you - how often, and through which media.

Social media can be one of the more cost-effective ways to market your real estate services and build the agent/client relationships that will be important to your success.

  •     All your social media profiles should be updated to include your new real estate company and contact information.
  •     Use social media to post blogs, pictures, videos, and buying/selling tips.
  •     Create brief YouTube videos with tips for selling or buying property.
  •     Write a 500-word article to email to your database; update monthly with fresh content.

Don't worry about preparing different material for each social media. One theme can be used for all your media, slightly edited to fit the individual media criteria.

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